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Friday, April 27, 2012

1 Month Old!!

I can't believe a  month has gone by since he was born! Time really goes by too fast! I know soon enough I will be sending him off to his first day of school and next think I know he will be driving... so I am doing my best to enjoy every moment I can now! He is such a joy to have in our family! Josh and I have really been blessed with him being such a good baby! He is quite vocal for such a young baby and makes all kinds of funny noises! He is working on his man grunts, but still has his high pitched squeaks too! We love just watching and listening to him :)

At his one month appointment Dr. B. said everything looked great! He weighed in at 10lbs 15oz and measured 22 inches long.  He is doing so well and we are just so in love with him.

                                        Zeke at 1 1/2 weeks
                        Zeke at 1 month

Attacking his duck!

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