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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Dad's Graduation Party/ Zeke meets the Family

When trying to decide which blog to put this on I decided Zeke's would be best since most of the pictures are of him...
 Becky and Zeke! Becky made Zeke the super cute outfit in the last post and a binky holder
 Kaleb playing with cars! He is growing up so fast!!
 Little Miss Tenley and Uncle Tom
 Jared and Becky got Josh a great gift for his graduation!!!
 Percy and Zeke! Look at how he is staring at her!

 Cousin Jenna and Zeke
 Josh and Ron Lomeli (friend and former scout master of Josh's)
 Zeke's great great Aunt Sandy and Uncle Chuck

 Old friends the Danielsons and the Lomelis
 Zeke with both of his great great Aunts, Mettie and Sandy.
 Uncle Jeremy holding baby Zeke!
 Jodi and Zeke, he is so comfortable!
 Great Grandpa Woodside meets Zeke for the first time!
 Grandpa and Grandma Woodside

 Great Aunt Amy!! I love Zeke's face in this one!
 The lovely Schimdt Ladies and Zeke! Aunt Linda and Zeke were just talking away!
 Zeke being very social with his great Aunt Linda
 Larry, Patty and Jimmy eating and socializing!
 The Great Grandparent hang spot
Josh and Grandpa Bert
 Sydney holding Zeke! She was so cute!
 4 generations of Tieman Men!
Josh opening one of his gifts. My dad got it for him and was so excited to give it to him... (the wrapping paper is a paper bag that my mom and sisters wrote "MANLY" all over) Josh got a fly rod and reel and some other fishing goodies! He was so excited.

I was so fun to see everyone! Sorry I didn't get everyone's pictures, but it was so great and we appreciated all the love and support!!!! Thanks!


  1. Claudia,
    He is the cutest little guy. I LOVE the pictures of him in the outfit with the bowtie they are adorable!!! WE LOVE YOU ZEKE!!!!


  2. I LOVE the picture of Tenley and Tom, so cute!!!! So glad we were able to celebrate with you guys, love you all!!!!

  3. It is when there are awesome events like this, I wish we lived closer. Congratulations to Josh and you! Medical school is NO small task. I can't wait to see you guys so our little boys can meet.