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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A quarter of a year old (3 months)

It is true... The Zekester is 3 months old! He is getting more and more fun each day!! I don't have height and weight stats, because he doesn't go to the doctor until next month but he is getting so big. I have other big events to post, but I figured I would do this first!

About Ezekiel:
Most of his clothes are 9-12 months! He is a solid boy! 
His hair is starting to grow back in :)
He loves to be read to! He looks at the book so well and even touches the pages!
He likes to watch a 10 min. Baby Einstein Clip off youtube and cracks up at them!
During the last month he found himself in the mirror and thinks that baby is pretty darn cute!
He is so talkative!
He follows points, I can point to something and he will look at it!
Zeke loves other babies! He laughs every time he sees one!
We moved out of Grandma and Grandpa Tieman's house and into a condo downtown! 
Zeke loves swimming... and bath time and shower time! He just loves being in water!
Not sleeping through the night yet, but is doing pretty good with his reflux issues. Mom is avoiding yeast and limiting dairy and that has helped! 
He LOVES music! Mom sings to him all the time... He is going to be disappointed when he grows up and everyone doesn't sing every thing they say ;)
He has such a beautiful smile!
We have at least one blow out a day it seems!
He is such a good baby! 
Zeke likes to put things in his mouth!
He is so much fun! 
He is reaching and grabbing!
He loves his Aunts (and uncles)!

We just LOVE him!!!!

Look at that Hair!!! Keep Growing!
I am thinking he will keep his blue eyes!


  1. He is such a big boy! there is no way he is 3 months already, but sheesh sounds like he is trying to grow up too fast :) I miss you guys, can't wait till we get to see you all again!