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Monday, July 30, 2012

4 months old

Oh how my boy has grown!!!

At Zeke's appointment this month he weighed in at 16lbs 1oz and he was 26.25 inches long!! He is growing so fast and is getting more fun each day!!

He has the cutest little raspy voice!
Zeke loves to laugh! He thinks mom and dad are pretty funny, but no one can make him giggle like Uncle Kendon!
He is rolling over more!
He is such a happy, well behaved baby! I get so many compliments on how good-natured he is!
Zeke gives the best smiles!
He is sleeping through the night!
He is doing much better with his reflux issues!!
He is a drool machine!! We both get soaked!
Zeke is a snuggle bug! He especially loves to snuggle mom, and she loves it!!!
He is quite the little observer! He watches everything intently.
He grabs everything and his super strong!
He loves bouncing!
He has his dad and mom, along with grandparents wrapped around his finger!!

More exciting things about Zeke to come!!!

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  1. Hey Claudia!!! Can you send me your email address? I think I have an old one and I want to send out an email about getting everyone together for a girls night. Thanks.

    love ya, Kel