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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Busy Boy

Ezekiel has been a busy baby boy! Doing, learning and experiencing all kinds of new things!
 Zeke at 3 months old wearing 12 month clothing! (Cute outfit from his Great Aunt Amy)
 "I listen to Led Zepplin with my Daddy" I had bought this while dating Josh actually, because I knew we were going to get married! It looks so cute on Zeke!
 Ready for our first Sunday at our new ward! Dad is making him giggle!!
 Zeke and Mom got to go up to a cabin with the Hatch Family for a few days! It was Zeke's first time in the woods! Here he is enjoying the great outdoors with Aunt Ramsay!
 Taking a Nap! Just so Precious!
 Zeke looks so adorable in his baseball jammies!! 
 Bright-eyed and Bushy-tailed early in the morning!
 T is Tieman... t, t, Tieman! I found this cute "T" onies and had to get it!!
 I love this boy!
 Cute smiles!
 Zeke's new favorite thing is to throw himself back and arch his back. I hadn't been buckling him in his swing, but the time has come; he can launch himself out of there now!
 Fussing at mom, but still so cute!
 Playing and drooling too things he does very well!
 I love this face! It makes me laugh! 
 Zeke loves the blanket his GG made for him! He is always trying to eat the puppies!
 Playing with Aunt Natilee!
 So handsome!
 Silly cute smile!
 Talking while mom snaps pictures!
Mr. Cool! :) hee hee!

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