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Saturday, September 17, 2011

BOY or GIRL!!!!

You can vote at whatever time you would like! I already have my suspicions, but only time will tell. So please vote just for fun!

So I finally uploaded some pictures from my camera I had to add the picture of the all famous at home pregnancy test!
After the 2 minutes I took a look and realizing one line was noticeably faded was like,"Dang it! I hate these things they are so hard to read!" But then I realized the super light line was the one that should be there no matter what, and the dark one only showed if it was positive!

I also have been muscle tested by my dad to find out the gender, Result.... BOY! For those who don't know its a technique called Applied Kinesiology, it is a pretty neat tool that basically provides feedback on the functional status of the body, evaluating structural, chemical and mental aspects of health through manual muscle testing. Its one of those things you almost have to see to believe.

I also took a test (mostly for fun, its not 100% accurate) called Intelligender. You may have seen these, but its supposed to tell you the gender of the baby. I have posted pictures and will let you all be the judge of the results. I think they are pretty clear. 
So basically you pee in a cup and then add it to this container that has some mineral things in the bottom that dissolve, Wait 5 minutes and then you match the color your urine has turned to the label for GIRL or BOY.


I don't know.... we will see!

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  1. That is so cool! It will be totally awesome if it's right!