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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My First Doctors Appointment

SO I didn't post this earlier, but thought that it was a definite must have on here! On August 17th, 2011 (My sister Alisyn's birthday) I went in to my first doctors appointment. I was really nervous, because I was unsure of how things were going, when in the world this could have happened, etc. According to my last menstrual cycle I would have been at 20 weeks, I knew that was not the case.

I went in to Dr. Rana's office and she was and her staff were very nice and made me feel comfortable right away. She wanted to take a look at everything since I was due for my annual exam anyway and then said ok, lets do an ultra sound and find out how big this baby is. This is what we saw....
Yay! you can see the sac with the yolk and BABY Tieman inside :) I know its just a little fuzz on the screen, but you could see a little flutter. Dr. Rana said that may be the heart, but it is definitely blood flow, lets see if we can hear the heart beat! I held my breath. Sure enough I could hear the MOST INCREDIBLE sound! My baby's heart! It was the most beautiful thing, I started to cry a little. I was so amazed! Fetal heart rate was 167 beat per minute! 

The rest of the day I was walking on clouds! So again I am so excited to get to see this little one again and hear his/her heartbeat! :) Hopefully baby will cooperate! 

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