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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pros and Cons to finding out the Gender of Your Baby!

Again nothing against finding out or not finding out! I love finding out what everyone else is having.... And am I opposed to ever finding out we are having no way, but for our first baby I think a BIG Surprise will be very fun. But lets look at Pros and Cons....

Reasons to find out the baby's sex:
  • Pick only one name
  • Buy sex specific clothes
  • Decorate the nursery
  • Bonding with a specific baby
  • It may make the baby seem more real
Reasons to wait:
  • Like the surprise
  • Help make the last few weeks of pregnancy bearable, not knowing
  • Could have fantasies about either sex
  • To annoy relatives
  • It's the way people have been doing it for centuries.

Its funny because everyone's big concern is how am I going  to know how to decorate the nursery? Or how will you know what clothes to buy? 

Well, first off we are living with my in-laws, Tom and Shirley until we head off to residency which will be around 2 months after Baby Tieman is born. So no need to worry about the nursery, because we will have a baby by the time we start worrying about nursery. Plus we want to go with a very gender neutral theme anyway; I am not a huge fan of having a pink room for girl or blue room for boy. So all those worried about that can easy their minds. 

And don't worry, our baby won't go naked either. We will have a few neutral things for baby to wear for the first few weeks, plus Josh and I are going to go pick out a boy and a girl outfit to bring baby home in :) So we will have time to get some more gender specific outfits after baby gets here and in the meantime he/she can wear the basics. 

NO, I am not doing this to annoy any relatives! I hope everyone can get as excited as we are about having this little one be a surprise. I have always been one to love surprises. Plus guessing is, in and of itself, fun!


  1. I agree that is very exciting to speculate and anticipate the sex of the baby. I think it's a boy!!! And don't worry... I'm sure both Grandma's will be prepared with a couple of outfit for either a boy or a girl :)

  2. I know! Josh and I are actually going to go shopping when he gets home for a boy and a girl "homecoming" outfit to throw in the bag for baby to wear! And like you said, he or she will have some gender specific clothing, I am sure I will still get some from Grandmas!