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Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Monday, October 24, 2011

Week 17

So week 17 is not so exciting, as far as, there are not a ton of BIG things happening to baby!
* Baby is about 5.5-6 inches long (crown to rump) about the length of your hand! Crazy!
* This week it is about packing on the pounds.... well actually ounces. Baby is fattening up!
* Bones are getting harder and less like cartilage.
* Umbilical cord is getting thicker, to allow more blood flow for upcoming growth
* Other than that baby is just working at getting better at swallowing, sucking, reflexes, hearing, etc.

I have a doctors appointment on Thursday this week! Excited!

Also I got totally spoiled this weekend by my sister-in-law, Laura and my niece, Iris! They wanted to make sure I got some cute clothes too since the baby will be getting lots of things! I have a whole new wardrobe! Thanks ladies! I had so much fun! I totally got the royal treatment! And I am going to be the most fashionable prego!

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