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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Midwife Appointment Today!

So some of you know others don't.... I haven't come out and told everyone, but yes we are using a midwife. We will be delivering in a hospital,  but I hope to have as few interventions as possible, but nice to know everything is there should we need it. Some have asked me if I am worried about using a midwife or say "I would never do that." My question is to you.... who is in the room with you 99% of the time during labor? The nurse right.... she is highly trained to know if something is wrong to contact doctors and have them take over. Well, my midwife is a CNM (certified nurse midwife) meaning she is an RN and then has had additional training just in gyn. care, prenatal care and delivering babies! Plus most of the CNM's at the office I am going too have worked as a hospital Labor and Delivery nurse for year and then have many years being a practicing midwife. So no I am not worried and like I said the beauty of being able to do it the way I  want in a hospital is just what we are looking for.

So enough about that.... Today I went in, and at this practice I am meeting with all the midwifes because there is a chance I could have a different one there at deliver than I am hoping, so I am meeting with all of them.... but today I met with Lylaine, the midwife that delivered Natilee 11 years ago! She was great! She says I look good! Am doing what I should be, my blood pressure, weight, uterus, everything is awesome! Baby's heartbeat is strong! And we had fun just chatting. When listening to the baby's heartbeat she said, "Now I know you can't tell the sex by the heartbeat, but all the years I've done it you notice patterns... I would say make sure you have ideas for a boy's name." :) So there you have it another vote for boy!

Josh should be home in the next 3 days! I can't wait! He is doing so good! Has gotten Honors in his last 2 plastics rotations and has interviewed at University of Utah and A&M Temple Texas.... so far! I am very proud of him, but more than ready to have him home! Ultrasound in the next few weeks and hopefully he will get to be there! :)

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