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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Cute Nephews!

(I totally stole this pic off Facebook)

These three boys are the cutest! And although I am not quite sure if they realize they have a cousin on the way and what that means to them, they know we will have a baby at some point! :) They have said some of the cutest things I just had to share!

A couple of weeks back, Jerm, Laura & the Boys stopped by the house! We were all in the kitchen eating dinner, when Diego asks, "what is that?" pointing to the sonogram picture on the fridge. I told them that that is a picture of their new cousin, Mine and Josh's baby. Everyone was quiet for a moment and then Issac says, "Daddy's can't have babies. Grandpa's can't have babies. Josh's can't have babies." Ben must have wanted to clarify so he added, "Yeah, only GIRLS can have babies." Shirley (grandma) decided to educate them further by saying, "Grandma's cant have babies." Ben agreed so he says, "Yeah, only REGULAR GIRLS can have babies." Then the three of them decided to make a long list of everything that couldn't have babies... house, forks, etc. They even included cows, but grandma said, "ask your dad he has seen a cow have a baby." Diego looks at Jerm to make sure grandma is not pulling his leg. "Yep, I've seen a cow have a baby." They were pretty amazed by that.

Then just last weekend, I had a chance to go to the Time Out for Women downtown. Josh and Grandma watched the boys so Iris and Laura could go too. They must have been talking about the baby, because right we I got out of the car three little boys come running out! Diego says pointing to me, "Your baby is a boy!" Right behind him Issac is shouting his agreement to that statement. Sweet little Ben comes closer and tells me, "I think the baby is a girl, because I have never seen a little girl. Only Big girls. So I hope it is a girl!" So sweet! I love these boys they are so cute! Of course they are always saying cute things and just being sweet! Our baby is going to be so lucky to have such awesome cousins!

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